Our Vision 2050: Quality of Life

Improving the quality of the living environment

Schiphol Group aims to operate zero-emissions and zero-waste airports by 2030. As we move towards this goal, we will uphold the principles of the circular economy and ensure a healthy living environment for local residents and communities. The COVID-19 crisis has not altered our ambitions, and we now have an opportunity to make sustainability a central element of our recovery from the pandemic.

Quality of Life
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Quality of Life
Results 2021
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  • Committed to reaching the targets set by the climate agreements

    Schiphol is supporting measures such as the use of synthetic or bio-kerosine, introducing electric flights and encouraging train travel over shorter distances.

  • Sustainable aviation

    Schiphol Group takes a leadership role in developing a more sustainable and responsible aviation industry.

Our Vision 2050

The cornerstones of our Vision, the three Qualities – Quality of Network, Quality of Life and Quality of Service, rest on a foundation of two key enablers: Safety and a Robust organisation. Together, these fundamental pillars will guide our Group through the challenging period ahead.