the Netherlands
Royal Schiphol Group’s mission is Connecting the Netherlands: we facilitate optimal links with the rest of the world in order to contribute to prosperity and well-being in the Netherlands and elsewhere; connecting to compete and connecting to complete.
Royal Schiphol Group is an airport company with an important socio-economic task. The airports of the group, and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in particular, create value for society and for the economy.
Royal Schiphol Group’s socio-economic task is to strengthen and develop Mainport Schiphol and the regional airports. To do this, Royal Schiphol Group must be successful across the board. Our strategy is embodied in five themes: Top Connectivity, Excellent Visit Value, Competitive Marketplace, Development of the Group and Sustainable & Safe Performance.
In order to achieve our mission effectively and efficiently, we have clustered our core activities around four business areas: Aviation, Consumer Products & Services, Real Estate, and Alliances & Participations. This business model guides the implementation of our strategy and determines the success of Royal Schiphol Group.
Schiphol has many stakeholders who represent a wide range of interests: airlines, travellers, local residents, sector partners, government bodies, financial stakeholders, business partners, employees, network and special interest organisations, and knowledge institutions.
Royal Airport Schiphol is an airport company with an important socio-economic task. The airports of the group, and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in particular, create value for society and for the economy.
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Royal Schiphol Group’s mission is Connecting the Netherlands: we facilitate optimal links with the rest of the world in order to contribute to prosperity and well-being in the Netherlands and elsewhere; connecting to compete and connecting to complete.


It is Royal Schiphol Group’s ambition to develop Schiphol into Europe’s Preferred Airport for travellers, airlines and logistics service providers.

T E C D s

Top Connectivity

The best connections


  • Network of destinations and flight frequencies
  • Airport infrastructure
  • Accessibility by road and rail
  • Maintaining and expanding the network of destinations is our most important job, which we continuously work on together with our home carrier and the other airlines. Thanks to its network Schiphol ranks among the five major hubs in Europe.
  • The development of Eindhoven Airport and Lelystad Airport supports Schiphol’s Mainport function.
  • Good road and rail access are essential for ensuring the connectivity of our airports.

Excellent Visit Value

An attractive airport


  • Cost-efficient operations
  • Streamlined and distinctive passenger experience
  • Competitive price/quality ratio
  • We aim to offer the best quality for an attractive price to airlines, travellers and all other users of our airports.
  • We invest in sufficient high-quality capacity and a high-quality range of commercial products. The appreciation shown by our customers for our facilities and services serves as the compass guiding the upgrades we carry out.

Competitive Market Place

A prime location


  • Location
  • Attractive business climate
  • Logistics capacity
  • Our airports are attractive business and visitor locations. If we are to remain a competitive business location, we will have to provide a competitive marketplace where businesses can share and combine knowledge and skills.
  • We tailor the range of facilities and real estate to demand and plan to continue to develop Schiphol into a cargo distribution hub.

Development of the Group

A strong group


  • International development
  • Organisational development
  • Synergy within the group
  • Royal Schiphol Group wants to increase its international activities in order to strengthen Mainport Schiphol.
  • Royal Schiphol Group also focuses on the further development of its organisation, promoting an innovative environment and increasing coordination and synergy within the group.

Sustainable & Safe Performance

Sustainability and safety


  • People Planet Profit
  • Financial solidity
  • Safe environment for staff, passengers and visitors
  • Royal Schiphol Group is a financially solid enterprise that conducts its business in a socially responsible manner, consciously weighing people, planet and profit aspects.
  • Our airports can only grow in harmony with the local community.
  • We continue to invest in good relationships with local residents, sector partners, administrators and the government.
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Infrastructure and facilities for airlines, passengers, handling agents and logistics service providers at Schiphol, safety and security at Schiphol.


direct destinations from Schiphol (passenger and cargo)


passenger destinations from Schiphol


air transport movements at Schiphol


million passengers at Schiphol


million tonnes of cargo at Schiphol


Passenger market position (Top 10 European airports)


Cargo market position (Top 10 European airports)

Consumer Products & Services

Products and services for travellers and businesses at Schiphol.

€ 13.35

Airside Retail spend per departing passenger

€ 4.68

Airside Catering spend per departing passenger

€ 7.68

Parking revenue per departing passenger

€ 5.29

Concession income per departing passenger


Outlets at Schiphol

Real Estate

Operational and commercial real estate at Schiphol and other airports.


real estate occupancy rate

> 650

thousand of m² of real estate

  • Wide range of properties for businesses and logistics service providers at various airport locations, including office and business premises.

Alliances & Participations

Alliances and participating interests in airports in the Netherlands and abroad, other domestic and international activities.


Groupe ADP
Brisbane Airport
Terminal 4 JFK NY
Aruba Airport
Incheon Airport


million passengers at Rotterdam The Hague Airport


million passengers at Eindhoven Airport

  • Regional and international operations that strengthen Royal Schiphol Group. Collaborative ventures with major airports abroad.
A r O S q F B M G H



Total number of airlines at Schiphol


Number of full-freighter airlines



million passengers at the airports of Schiphol, Rotterdam and Eindhoven


million passengers at Schiphol


million transfer passengers at Schiphol


business travel at Schiphol

  • 326 direct destinations are operated from Schiphol.
  • Out of the total number of destinations, 305 are passenger and cargo-passenger combi destinations; 21 are cargo-only destinations.

Local residents

  • Schiphol Community Council
  • Regional Alders Platform
  • Local Community Contact Centre Schiphol

Initiatives for local residents:

  • Schiphol Fund
  • Teaching materials
  • Neighbour days
  • Schiphol Quality of Life Foundation

Sector partners

  • Airlines
  • Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL)
  • Handling agents
  • Dutch Customs
  • Royal Netherlands Marechaussee

The activities of our sector partners and those of the airport combine to provide safe, reliable and efficient transport for travellers and cargo. All sector partners have their own role and together constitute the linchpin of daily airport operations.

Government bodies

  • Neighbouring municipalities
  • Provinces
  • Ministries

The role of the ministries:

  • Infrastructure and Water management: regulator, responsible for civil aviation.
  • Finance: the Dutch state is a 69.77% shareholder.
  • Economic Affairs: responsible for a level playing field.
  • Justice and Security: safety and security regulator.

Neighbouring municipalities:

  • Royal Schiphol Group maintains close contact with the municipalities neighbouring its airports.
  • Schiphol is situated in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer and borders on the municipality of Amsterdam, a popular business travel and tourist destination. The above municipalities and the neighbouring municipalities are represented in the Schiphol Community Council.
  • Eindhoven Airport and Lelystad Airport also maintain close contact with the municipalities in their respective regions.

Financial stakeholders

  • Shareholders
  • Banks
  • Bond investors

Schiphol Group shareholders:

State of the Netherlands 69.77%
Amsterdam Municipality 20.03%
Groupe ADP 8.00%
Rotterdam Municipality 2.20%

€ 2.1

billion of interest-bearing debt

  • Royal Schiphol Group N.V. has four shareholders. The State of the Netherlands holds almost 70% and the municipality of Amsterdam 20% of the shares.
  • In 2008 Royal Schiphol Group entered into a strategic alliance with Groupe ADP, in which it has an 8% cross-participation interest.
  • Royal Schiphol Group is independently financed and sources loan capital from banks and the capital market.

Business partners

  • Concessionaires
  • Lessees
  • Security companies
  • Facility services providers
  • Construction and installation companies

In collaboration with our business partners, we provide an attractive business climate and visitor environment at our airports, offering a wide range of real estate, retail and catering outlets and facilities. With services providers catering for a wide range of services, we ensure a safe and pleasant environment.



employees Schiphol Group (average no. of FTEs)


female employees



Network and special interest organisations

  • ACI
  • IATA
  • ICAO
  • SAOC

Royal Schiphol Group partners with a large number of network and special interest organisations.

Knowledge institutions

  • Delft University of Technology and other Universities
  • TNO
  • SEO
  • CPB
  • KDC
  • SIM

Schiphol Group involves and partners with a large number of knowledge institutions.

I Q o


We deploy

3 Generated capital
  • High-quality facilities and infrastructure
  • Attractive real estate
  • Varied range of parking products
7 Natural capital
  • Energy
  • Raw materials
  • Water
  • Land holdings
5 Human capital
  • Trained and highly motivated own employees
  • Employees of business and sector partners
4 Social and relational capital
  • Local support base
  • Good relationships with sector partners, business partners and suppliers
6 Intellectual capital
  • Knowledge and expertise
  • Innovation
  • Strong brands and concepts
8 Financial capital
  • Solid financial position
  • High creditworthiness

Business model enable our
business model...


Mission Ambition


Aviation Consumer Products & Services Real Estate Alliances & Participations

Output focus
on results...


We facilitate Top Connectivity We offer Excellent Visit Value We realise a Competitive Marketplace We strengthen the Development of the Group We create Sustainable and Safe performance


...that create value for our stakeholders and the local community.

The best connections An attractive airport A prime location A strong group Sustainability and safety as basic conditions


This means we have an impact on society:

We contribute to the gross domestic product of the Netherlands by creating inclusive employment at and around our airports, as well as indirect employment thanks to the economic activity generated by those airports.
We invest in a resilient infrastructure. We pursue a proactive approach in our relationship with sector partners with a view to making the aviation industry more sustainable.
We contribute to a healthy and pleasant environment for residents and workers by promoting clean mobility and reducing emissions of fine and ultra-fine particles, in collaboration with our partners.
We contribute to circular solutions through the efficient use of raw materials and resources and actively collaborate to promote circular processes at the airport.
We contribute to reducing the impact on climate change by using renewable energy and fuels. In addition, we are able to adapt our infrastructure in response to changing weather conditions.
Collaboration with partners through channels such as the Airports Sustainability Declaration strengthens our contribution to the SDGs.